Frequently Asked Questions

How can Qapsula be useful to doctors?

Qapsula is a telemedicine service which enables doctors not only to get extra earnings but also to collaborate with patients closely in order to improve their health.

How much does a video-call cost?

Each doctor decides for himself about time, length and cost of each video-consultation. You can also establish the price for each message written by the patient to you.

How can doctors help patients on Qapsula?
  1. Answer free short questions asked by patients to all medical community. By answering on these questions you show patients that you are knowledgeable about this medical problem; as a result, patients are more likely to schedule an appointment with you in future.
  2. Conduct audio and video consultations and answer questions which were sent to you personally. By making these activities doctors can increase their income.
What does a doctor need for a video consultation?

For a video consultation you will need a computer with the Internet connection and a webcam; make sure that your devices are working properly in advance. It is essential to conduct a consultation in a quiet atmosphere without any noises and connection fails. You have to remember about the medical secrecy - other people cannot be in your room during your online intercourse with a patient.

What does a doctor need to do during a video-call?

A doctor should carry out a full questioning, ask a patient to show the location of disturbing symptom, whether it is a pain or a skin rash. In conclusion it is necessary to inform the patient about possible diseases and the need of timely diagnostic measures; it is important to explain the need of certain tests to the patient in a given situation.

What else can doctors do on Qapsula?

On Qapsula you can get acquainted with the latest news in the various fields of medicine, publish useful information for your colleagues or write interesting articles for patients. You also have an opportunity to communicate with your colleagues via messages, video- or audio-calls.

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