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Qapsula is a virtual personal assistant which helps you manage your health. You will have access to highly qualified doctors, an extensive knowledge base and a system will help with disease prevention.

Qapsula will advise you what to do, when to do it, help you to arrange a consultation with appropriate specialist and collect all the necessary data. Let Qapsula help you manage your health allowing you to save time and money.



Solving Your
Health Concerns

Health allows us to enjoy our lives, be more productive at work and the focus we need to achieve success.

Unfortunately the lack of time and health illiteracy doesn’t allow us to take care of health proficiently. Qapsula helps people to monitor their health for both prevention and treatment of disease.

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How it works

Qapsula is an interactive support system available on iOS, Android and the web. The system consists of various blocks aimed to increase the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of different conditions.

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How to participate

If you have a QR code, just scan it using our application available on both iOS and Android. Or you can scan it with your PC or Mac through a webcam. The system will be automatically installed and will provide you communication with appropriate specialist.
 QR-codes are located on your doctor’s business card or on packages of various healthcare products. If you do not have a QR code, use the registration form, create your account and start managing your health right now!

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