Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qapsula?

This is a unique telemedicine portal where you can get online advice from a doctor of any specialty. Choose the specialist that interests you and make an appointment with him.

Why would I use Qapsula instead of attending a health center?

Our service allows you to receive medical consultations without leaving your home, without queues and long waiting for your appointment. Even being in the country or on vacation, you can always be sure that your health is in good hands. Qapsula is also useful for people who live far from specialized medical institutions or cannot get there for health reasons.

Of what use can Qapsula be for me, if I already have a diagnosis and a treatment plan?

If you have already been diagnosed, but recently you have felt a deterioration in health, then our doctors can give recommendations for correcting therapy. If you are not sure of the accuracy of the diagnosis that you were given in the polyclinic at your place of residence, then your illness can be once again assessed by the largest specialist in this field, whose opinion you trust more.

What information can I submit to my personal profile?

In your profile, you can upload the results of laboratory tests, ultrasound, CT, MRI images, as well as photos of skin manifestations of the disease, if any. The more recent test results you upload to your medical record, the more complete recommendations a specialist can give you.

Is it secure to submit my personal information and medical records to Qapsula?

All your data is securely encrypted by our system and can only be viewed by doctors. We are legally responsible for the safety of your personal data!

How much does a video-call cost?

The cost and duration of the video consultation is determined by the doctor himself. It includes a conversation with you, an assessment of your analyzes, the appointment of recommendations for treatment and further examination.

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