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  • How to get rid of a mole
    Question - answer
    I am 23 years old. I have a small black mole on nose. Mole has irregular edges and parallel to skin surface. I want to clear this spot.
    Маргарита Минасян
    Obstetrics and Gynecology
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    If you want to get out your black mole you need to go to the surgery and solve this problem only with him. Because if you will do something at home you could provocate the begining of oncologycal deseases. Be healthy!
    22 June 2021, 16:23
  • How to stop hair loss
    Question - answer
    I am a 17 yrs old male, i have recently started having hair loss but i been having dandruff for 2 yrs now. i thought it was normal but it seems to have gotten a lot worse. What should I do?
    Nizoral shampoo and nizoral tablet can help you
    22 June 2021, 14:09

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