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Free online specialist consultation for owners of Accu-Chek products

The promocode gives you the opportunity to receive one free online consultation from any specialist in the format of chat, audio or video communication on the Qapsula portal.

to get a consultation

How to activate the promocode and get consultation?

What questions most oftendo patients ask?

Prevention of diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the older age group that cannot be left unchecked. However, it can often be prevented. Our specialists will help to establish the correct prevention.

How do I use the glucometer?

How to use the glucometer correctly? How often should you measure your blood sugar? What to do with the measurement results? Can the meter show an incorrect result? All these questions arise for a person who first bought a glucometer. Ask our specialists.

What to do if such a diagnosis is made?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes today. However, you should not despair and give up - it is important to establish control of the disease in order to avoid serious complications.

There are contraindications, consult a specialist

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